NHS Health Scotland

Alcohol Evidence

What are our evidence sources?

a. Evidence for improved identification and assessment of children affected by parental alcohol use.

b. Evidence for sharing of appropriate information between agencies

c. Evidence for building capacity, availability and quality of services (young people)

d. No evidence of effective interventions currently available from the defined sources

e. Evidence for reduction in driving blood alcohol limit and random breath testing

f. Evidence for management of night time economy / safer street initiatives

g. Evidence for implementation of and review of overprovision assessments

h. Evidence for ban on promotions that encourage speed drinking

i. Evidence for staff training and enforcement of refusal to serve and aggression management

j. Evidence for workplace alcohol policies

l. Evidence for restrictions on display of alcohol and promotions

m. Evidence for restrictions on advertising in relation to young people

n. Evidence for voluntary code on alcohol sponsorship

o. Evidence for tailored public awareness campaigns

p. Evidence for alcohol workplace policies

q. Evidence for unit and warning labelling (including pregnancy advice)

r. Evidence for improved substance misuse education in schools

s. Evidence for youth work and diversionary opportunities

t. Evidence for staff training re serving someone who is drunk

u. Evidence for overprovision assessments

v. Evidence for staff training re serving someone who is drunk

w. Evidence for enforcement of law re serving someone who is drunk

x. Evidence for license holder and staff training re underage sales restrictions

y. Evidence for test purchasing and enforcement of underage sales restrictions

bb. Evidence for introduction of minimum pricing based on strength

cc.Evidence for programme target of delivery of alcohol brief interventions (ABI

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