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s. Evidence for youth work and diversionary opportunities.


No evidence of effective interventions is currently available from the defined sources

Scottish policy note

The recent alcohol policy framework; ‘Changing Scotland's Relationship with Alcohol: A Framework for Action’ (2009) addressed youth work and diversionary opportunities. The intention is to support an expanded range of activities for children and young people in the areas of sports, culture and arts that helps them develop personally and physically. The initiatives provided are open to all children and young people, although focusing resources on areas of high crime. The initiatives address both participation and diversion and aim to increase the likelihood of positive long-term outcomes for those who take part. In addition, youth workers and others who work closely with young people may become aware of emergent unhealthy drinking patterns within the groups they work with. The framework commits to continuing to work to promote an environment where they can challenge that behaviour and feel empowered to promote alternative, healthier activities and lifestyles.