NHS Health Scotland
Outcome Indicators


p. Awareness and knowledge of key messages: workplaces (p2)


All workplaces, particularly large organisations, should address the prevention and management of obesity see link e & link i[3], [6]


For an outcomes framework for improving health outcomes through workplace initiatives, please see the Health at Work tools


Related actions from Route Map action plan- workplaces (4.1, 4.2, 4.6)

Working together to develop a clear vision of the role of the public sector in promoting the Healthy Working Lives approach, given that the public sector in Scotland accounts for around 25% of the workforce

Continuing to invest in the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives and ensuring that obesity prevention is embedded in its strategy.

Encouraging NHS Boards to consider possible roles for public health and occupational health in supporting the establishment of partnerships involving local businesses, and in supporting the implementation of workplace programmes for the promotion of healthy weight management, taking account of any relevant national and local schemes