NHS Health Scotland
Outcome Indicators


i. More affordable and healthy options in schools, public buildings and workplace


Improving availability and access might increase the consumption of healthier foods. 


In the school setting, provision of nourishing meals to children in primary and preferably also secondary schools may also improve the behaviour and academic performance [1]

Other public buildings/workplaces

Actions may include implementing nutrition policies in key public settings and workplaces, e.g., provision of nourishing meals, increasing the healthy food and drink choices in canteens, retail outlets and vending.

Children and young people; users of public buildings; Employees

Related actions from Obesity Route Map action plan – energy consumption (1.6, 1.7,1.8, 1.9)
see Route Map actions on page e key settings e.g. schools, public sector.

Related actions from Route Map action plan-workplaces (4.3, 4.4, 4.5)

Continuing to invest in the healthyliving award by securing commitment from all other public sector employers with catering outlets to register for and achieve the healthyliving award in the first instance and thereafter the healthyliving award Plus.

Encouraging all private sector employers with canteen/cafeteria facilities to participate in the healthy living award

Following up CEL 14 (2008), Health Promoting Health Service - Action in Acute Care Settings, to ensure that action is being taken by NHS Boards to achieve the 8 health promoting actions (alcohol, smoking, health eating etc); that all hospitals with catering facilities for staff and/or the public have achieved the healthyliving award and that those who have held the Award for 2 years are now working to achieve the healthyliving award Plus.