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Coping with dementia - Loss and bereavement

The Coping with Dementia DVD is made up of 7 chapters. This page features ‘Loss and bereavement’ - chapter seven of seven and is made up of one short film.

It is up to you which chapters you watch and when. You can watch all the chapters in order, or you can watch a single chapter on its own in any order – choose what suits you best. Some chapters may be more or less relevant at different stages of your caring journey – if you don’t feel you want to watch a chapter now, you may want to view it at a later date.

Please be aware Chapter 7 contains sensitive information about the later stages of dementia and we suggest you only view this chapter when you are ready.

Loss and bereavement (chapter 7 of 7)

Transcript of the Loss and bereavement film

Some carers say that dementia itself is like a long slow bereavement. Many carers feel a great sense of loss when the person moves into long-stay care, even if it is obvious it is the best thing. Talking about this with other carers, such as at a carers group, can be very helpful. When the person finally passes away you may have mixed feelings. It´s common to feel any or all of sadness, relief, guilt or anger, for example.

It takes time to come to terms with it. At first most memories of the person with dementia will be of the illness years. This is when you may appreciate the help of family and friends the most.
Cruse Bereavement Care can help with counselling.

You may find that feelings of stress and emotional upset stay for a long time but in time you will begin to remember the person before the illness. Eventually the blue skies will return.

British Sign Language translation of the Loss and bereavement film

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Reviewed 09 March 2018

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