NHS Health Scotland
Outcome Indicators
Long term outcomes
14. Increased understanding of smoking-related risks/harm; knowledge & skills in how to access help & support; intention to quit






Awareness of media campaign messages on dangers of smoking and benefits of quitting





Awareness of risk of smoking 




GreenAwareness of health issues re smoking; awareness of risks of smoking.

% of smokers who intend to quit

Young smokers

Great Britain


Scotland; Regional




SALSUS (13- and 15- year olds only); SHeS

GreenONS: Smokers (i) wanting to give up smoking, (ii) intending to give up smoking, (iii) relationship between wanting and intending to give up smoking, (iv) previous attempts to give up smoking, (v) help giving up smoking;
SALSUS: Young smokers wanting to quit smoking (Q20);
SHeS: Would you like to give up smoking?  How many times, if any, have you tried to give up smoking?

% of smokers aware of services available to them to help them stop smoking

Smokers (adults)

Scotland; Regional

Scottish Health Survery


AmberSHeS: Have you used any of the following NRT products?

% of smokers intending to quit using proven methods

Smokers (adults)

Scotland; Regional


AmberIn the last seven days have you used any of the following nicotine replacement products?
What other nicotine product did you use?
Was this accompanied by smoking cessation support?
What other type of support did you receive?

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