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Logic Model One:  Tobacco Control (Strategic Level): Provides an overview of the intermediate and long-term outcomes

Tobacco Logic Model 1 Reduced risk of cancer (Menu) Go to Logic Model 3 Go to Logic Model 2 link to evidence Social Environment Reduced initiation into, and sustained uptake of, smoking in young people Physical environment: reduced access to tobacco products for under 18s Reduction in rates of active smoking in adults and young people (specifically those living in deprived areas) Economic environment: increased real price of tobacco; reduced sales of tobacco Physical environment: Reduction in exposure to second-hand smoke  Economic environments
Reduced costs to the NHS Reduced cardiovascular disease (NI, Menu, HEAT) Increased healthy life expectancy (Menu) (in most deprived areas -NI) Go to Logic Model 4

(NI= National Indicators, Menu=Menu of Local Outcome Indicators)

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