NHS Health Scotland
Outcome Indicators


g. Increased prevalence and accessibility of retailers supplying a greater variety of healthy and affordable options.


Provide incentives for food and drink retailers, e.g., retailers to sell a greater variety of healthy food and drink choices and/or locate in poorly ‘served’ areas.  This may include increasing the number of retailers in areas where they are unavailable or where availability is limited [1&6]

Make stores more accessible, e.g. provision of free shuttle-bus services or of food voucher schemes, or free delivery to families in need [6] n.b. in a Scottish context issues of accessibility are more focused on rural areas.


Geared towards individuals and families on low income or in need.

Related actions from Route Map action plan- energy consumption (1.1, 1.4)

The Route Map encompasses a range of specific actions on energy consumption which are captured within the key themes of:

  • product reformulation

  • portion sizes

  • stocking policies

  • pricing including promotions

  • labelling & packaging

  • marketing and non-broadcast advertising;

  • and catering.

"We are working with the food and drink industry to progress a series of innovative projects action across all of these key themes.”

Encouraging the use of the Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools (Scotland) Regs 2008 to inform standards in commercial catering

Working with the Scottish Grocer's Federation (SGF) to extend the reach of the SGF Healthyliving programme within participating neighbourhood food shops, e.g. moving confectionary displays from till points and expanding the range of healthier choices offered and promoted under the scheme.