NHS Health Scotland
Outcome Indicators


f. Reduced affordability of high energy products


Public policies can influence population health through taxation, subsidies or pricing [5]


There is a risk of unintentional effects on vulnerable populations. Actions to increase the price of energy dense food and drink should also be supported by making healthy food and drink more affordable [5] (See Model 2b)

Related actions from Route Map action plan - energy consumption (1.1, 1.2, 1.5)

The Route Map encompasses a range of specific actions on energy consumption which are captured within the key themes of:

  • product reformulation

  • portion sizes

  • stocking policies

  • pricing including promotions

  • labelling & packaging

  • marketing and non-broadcast advertising;

  • and catering.

We are working with the food and drink industry to progress a series of innovative projects actioned across all of these key themes.

Using our financial support schemes and integrated impact assessment to provide incentives to producers and manufacturers of lower energy food and ingredients.