NHS Health Scotland
Alcohol outcome indicators

Community Safety:Communities and individuals live their lives safe from alcohol and drug related offending and anti-social behaviour.



Percentage of new clients at specialist drug treatment services who report funding their drug use through crime.

Service Submissions to Scottish Drug Missuse Database (SMR - 25a), Information Services Division (ISD)

Frequency : annual

One year reconviction frequencies rate (per 100 offenders) for offenders given a Drug Treatment and Testing Order

Reconviction Rates in Scotland, Scottish Government

Frequency : annual

Number of cases of vandalism ( or malicious mischief), breach of the peace or antisocial behaviour per 1,000 poopulation.

Crimefile recording system and the STORM command and control system

Frequency : annual

Number of Community Payback Orders issued where an alcohol and drug treatment is required, and proportion that are successfully completed.

Scottish Court Service data

Frequency :annual

Proportion of victims of a crime who reported that the offender was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Scottish Crime and Justice Survey

Frequency : every two years



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