NHS Health Scotland

What is an outcomes framework?

An outcomes framework is a resource to help you link what you do (activities) with what you want to achieve (outcomes).

An outcomes framework is made up of different "tools". At the moment we use these tools:

  1. Outcomes triangle

  2. Logic models

  3. Results chains

Why did we develop these frameworks?

We developed these frameworks to help partners clarify the links between the outcomes of the services they provide and the shared health improvement outcomes that they are working with partners to achieve.

They are designed to help community planning partners develop the outcomes-focused approach to planning and performance announced by Scottish Government in the Spending Review 2007.

Outcomes frameworks are currently available in this website for:

  • Reducing alcohol-related harm

  • Tobacco control

  • Mental health improvement

  • Health and Work

  • Healthy Weight

  • Parenting

  • Problem Drug use

More information on the Re-shaping Care for Older People framework can be found on the NHS Health Scotland site.

The tools have been developed by NHS Health Scotland in collaboration with Scottish Government, NHS Boards, local authorities and third sector organisations.