NHS Health Scotland
Outcome Indicators

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Provide support to enable local networks and peer support, and participation in society and work (e.g. crèches, facilities, resources).

Action to provide support to enable local networks and peer support, delivered for parents, families, communities and the relevant workforce, will contribute to an improved understanding of the value of a parent and family role and how to support this, and to parents, families and communities feeling enabled to actively participate in, and support the lives of, CYP (see model 1 link 1.1 ).


This action is based on the rationale that:

  • This type of practical support enables individuals to participate in society (e.g. participate in education, work or taking part in services and interventions). It is important that appropriate structures are in place to support this action (for discussion of potential barriers see Box 9: supporting implementation success)

  • Parents and families seek different kinds of support from different sources and appropriate provision of facilities and structures can support this more informal access of support (see Box 7 : types of support for parents).