NHS Health Scotland
Outcome Indicators
1.5 Health checks for people with severe and enduring mental health problems will contribute to promoting healthy lifestyle behaviour. Health checks for adults over 40 will contribute to promoting healthy lifestyle behaviour.


Standard 13 of the Integrated Care Pathway for Mental Health states a general physical health assessment and management of the findings are recorded for service users with serious mental health problems. Services should be provided that address diet, nutrition, exercise, alcohol consumption [1],drug misuse and sexual health in ways that are responsive to the needs of service users. This includes access to smoking cessation, clinical free dental and optical examinations and flu vaccinations.

Scottish Policy Context
Better Health, Better Care states that the Scottish Government will support the roll out of the Keep Well programme to reduce inequalities in cardiovascular disease and introduce a programme of ‘Life Begins’ health checks. Recommendation 46 of Equally Well states that the government’s commitment to health checks for all at age 40 should be implemented in ways that build on the Keep Well programme


  1. NHS Quality Improvement Scotland (2007). Standards for integrated care pathways for mental health. NHS Quality Improved Scotland: Edinburgh.