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Publication name: Your pregnancy, your choice
Date: 19 April 2021
Description: This booklet explains what you need to know after getting
a higher-chance screening result for Down’s syndrome, or Edwards’ syndrome or Patau’s syndrome
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__Your pregnancy your choice-April 2021-English.pdf   [748.88 KB]

English language version

Your pregnancy your choice NIPT-May2021-Arabic.pdf   [799.6 KB]

Arabic language version

Your pregnancy your choice NIPT-May2021-Polish.pdf   [631.47 KB]

Polish language version

Your pregnancy your choice NIPT-May2021-Simplified Chinese (Mandarin).pdf   [723.01 KB]

Simplified Chinese language version

Your pregnancy your choice NIPT-May2022-Ukrainian.pdf   [642.81 KB]

Ukrainian language version

Your Pregnancy, your choice-June2022-Easy Read.pdf   [3.32 MB]

Easy Read language version

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