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Publication name: Process evaluation of Alcohol Brief Interventions in wider settings (Young People and Social Work)
Date: 10 March 2014
Description: This study aimed to explore the feasibility and acceptability of ABIs delivered to young people and in social work settings. Ten projects took part in the study. Qualitative interviews were conducted with 27 project managers, staff and related stakeholders. Individual, paired and group interviews were also conducted with 61 young people (males n= 37, females n=24), ranging in age from 12-23. Fieldwork was conducted between December 2012 and July 2013. The study found that it is feasible and acceptable to deliver ABIs in youth settings.

Young people felt the projects were welcoming and safe and were positive about the timing and location of the projects. Project staff gave similar responses, emphasizing the importance of locating the projects where young people congregate and making them young person friendly. Organisational factors also affected the feasibility of the projects. These included staffing consistency and continuity, staff skill mix, and organisational funding and stability. Data collection was variable across the 10 projects included in the study. Staff were sometimes reluctant to record data and young people did not always respond positively to form filling and appreciated efforts to make conversations more engaging and less formal. This makes it difficult to be able to know who is attending the projects and what impact the conversations that staff with young people have. It would also be difficult to carry out an evaluation to identify the effectiveness of ABIs in this setting.
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