Equally Well Test Sites Evaluation

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The Equally Well Test Sites Evaluation found that all of the eight sites have made progress with short-term outcomes such as improved joint working. Less progress has been made with longer-term outcomes such as changes for service users.

The process of effective and sustainable joint working between partners leading to service redesign occured in a systematic way when five necessary pre-conditions were in place:

  • senior commitment
  • clear shared commitment
  • coordination
  • empowered local or operational staff
  • the ‘freedom to fail’.

Three of the sites did have these pre-conditions in place.

Where all of these conditions were not in place, change was often opportunistic, as opposed to systematic.

Those involved in the test sites had views about the changes in national policy that would help them to deliver local approaches to tackle health inequalities more successfully. These included:

  • greater focus on early intervention
  • improved link up between Scottish Government approaches
  • full involvement of the appropriate part of the NHS
  • a reflection of the need to tackle health inequalities in national targets and outcomes for public sector organisations
  • improved sharing of learning where appropriate.

The test sites reported that they would like to continue to work flexibly and collaboratively and that it is important that local change continues to be locally determined rather than top down.

Reviewed 28 July 2014

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