Health Promoting Health Service network: supporting health professionals

The HPHS Network works together to influence national and local health improvement policy, to share good practice and provide mutual support.

Scottish HPHS Network

A network to support health promotion within the NHS has been active in Scotland for over 11 years. As the lead agency for health improvement in Scotland, NHS Health Scotland acts as the collaborating centre at the WHO International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services, and coordinates the Scottish HPHS network. Read more about HPH International.

The network membership includes representation from NHS boards and hub hospitals and meets quarterly at various locations around Scotland. A key strength of the HPHS network is the local staff and coordinators acting as champions for health improvement and their commitment to the implementation of the HPHS framework.

HPHS network aims

  • Share progress on health improvement activities within the HPHS by highlighting examples of group practice and identifying areas of support needed.
  • Inform and update members on relevant national health improvement policies, local developments and provide the opportunity to input to these.
  • Raise training opportunities and support necessary developments around topical areas.
  • Highlight links to other health improvement initiatives.

NHS Health Scotland supports partnership funding for the coordination of HPHS at local level, a package of training including training on health promotion, the HPHS framework, facilitated planning and development days, newsletters and a website for the network.

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Working groups and task forces

The HPHS Network has short-term working groups which comment and feed into relevant policy areas or develop work around the implementation of HPHS work:

Smoke Free Hospitals

The European Network for Smoke-Free Hospitals (ENSH) is a European partnership of 20 country members. The ENSH provides assistance to health care services in successfully implementing the smoke free policy and the attainment of a completely smoke-free environment. Scotland has already implemented its smokefree legislation and some hospitals are now working towards smokefree grounds. The Chief Executive’s letter (14) Health Promoting Health Service also requires all hospitals to implement smoking cessation interventions and the award system for Healthy Working Lives.

To avoid duplication of effort, Health Scotland are offering support for the HPHS CEL(14) as well as incorporating the ENSH self audit questionnaire within the HWL smoke free policy assessment tool to support the successful implementation of a smokefree environment.

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Task Force on Health Promoting Psychiatric Services

This task force aims to ensure that health promotion in psychiatric services reflect the principles of the 1986 Ottawa Charter and the Budapest Declaration on Health Promoting Hospitals.

HPH Task Force on Health Promotion for Children and Adolescents in and by Hospitals (HPH – CA)

This task force aims to provide a better understanding and definition for the role that hospitals and health services should have with regards to health improvement for children and adolscents. To achieve this, this task force will supply a conceptual and operational framework for healthcare professionals, social workers and decision makers.

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Task Force on Migrant Friendly Hospitals

This task force aims to promote migrant-friendly, culturally competent health care and health promotion and to support hospitals to develop practical knowledge to this end. The Task Force comprises three subgroups:

  1. improving interpreting in clinical communications
  2. migrant-friendly information and training in mother and child-care
  3. staff training towards cultural competence: enabling hospital staff to better handle cross-cultural encounters.

There is a range of factors which need to be in place for effective and sustainable health improvement to become integrated into health care services. These are:

These factors are fully explored in The Evaluation of the HPHS Framework.

As our case studies show, while the investment required for each factor is small, putting them all together has proven to be effective.

For more information refer to The Health Promoting Health Service (HPHS) – what is needed to develop effective and sustainable health promotion practice within the health service?

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Updated 5 September 2012