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The previous sections describe the use of data to identify population level priorities and the application of evidence for effective interventions. In this section, there is a selection of tools and support to help plan and deliver health improvement and health inequalities sensitive interventions.

The range of these tools allows planners to consider the Community Health Partnership´s (CHPs) contribution to inequalities and the social determinants of health including consideration of broader interventions with partners, such as employability.

In this section you will find information on:

  • Tools for planning health improvement and health inequalities
  • Community Engagement
  • Support for delivery
  • Case studies.

Tools for planning health improvement and health inequalities

The range of these tools in this section have been provided by three organisations:

  • NHS Health Scotland
  • Glasgow Centre for Population Health
  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

NHS Health Scotland

NHS Health Scotland has been working with colleagues to develop outcome approaches to planning and managing performance of health improvement activities. The approaches aim to be:

  • Outcomes-focused
  • Usable by community planning partners and helpful in aligning their performance management systems
  • Consistent with the national performance framework, including Single Outcome Agreements (SOAs) and Health Improvement, Efficiency, Assessment and Treatment (HEAT) targets.

These include:

  • Logic modeling is a tool that can be useful in the development of monitoring and evaluation plans as they help to identify short, medium and long term outcomes that are linked to key activities of a programme or strategy.
  • Health Inequalities Impact Assessment (HIIA) is a step by step process for identifying the potential positive or negative impact of public sector policies and functions on staff, stakeholders and service users.

To find out more about outcome-focused approaches, please visit the evaluation planning page.

Specific Health Improvement Performance Management tools can also be found on the Local Government page.

Glasgow Centre for Population Health

The Glasgow Centre for Population Health has produced many briefing papers and publications which can aid the planning of health improvement and health inequalities.

For example, the Framework for monitoring and reviewing health and social inequalities (external link) is a briefing paper which summarises a project to develop a local monitoring framework for reviewing Community Health Partnerships’ progress on action to address health and social inequalities

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Through their Corporate Inequalities Scheme, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have been involved in several initiatives. They have developed tools which aim to address the causes, as well as the results, of poor health and which recognise that discrimination can lead to poor health.

Some examples of areas of work include:

Reviewed 29 July 2014

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