Building a business case for a new health centre in North Glasgow

This case study is an example of how the Scottish Public Health Observatory´s health and wellbeing profiles have been used in practice.

Information from Scottish Public Health Observatory 2008 Health Profiles was used to demonstrate why Possilpark in North Glasgow needed a new health centre.

The profiles were used in the business case to:

  • Compare the health, wellbeing and the wider determinants of health in Possilpark with other deprived areas of Glasgow
  • Highlight that Possilpark residents experience a range of health and social problems that are related to living in circumstances of deprivation
  • Highlight the high levels of addiction (smoking, alcohol and drugs).

Extract from the business case:

The profiles 'confirm the situation of North Glasgow as one where people’s difficult circumstances result in poor quality of life, high rates of ill-health and low life expectancy. The profiles also highlight the differences between different neighbourhoods in North Glasgow, and will therefore help us to target our services to greatest impact.'

Consultants putting together the bid were so shocked by some of the profiles data that they queried the figures – they were correct.

The profiles allowed a clear evidence-based demonstration of why Possilpark needed investment.


Firstly, the project was successful, being shortlisted by the NHS board as a project to be submitted for capital funding approval by the Scottish government.

Then they successfully received Scottish Government´s Primary Care modernisation fund (for £9m).

The objective figures in the profiles helped them make a strong case for the funding.

Reviewed 29 July 2014

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