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Professional Resources

Alcohol Brief Interventions: Primary Care Professional Pack - This resource will support healthcare professionals to screen and deliver alcohol brief interventions. The pack is aimed at:

  • practitioners who are involved in the delivery of alcohol brief interventions in the primary care setting
  • alcohol brief intervention trainers
  • individuals with strategic/operational responsibility for the implementation of the HEAT Standard for alcohol brief interventions.

Following screening, the practitioner will assess the patient’s readiness to change in respect of their drinking habits and provide a booklet to support their needs.

  • A fresh approach – a booklet for patients to encourage them to think about their drinking, with information on the benefits of drinking less.  This booklet is currently only available for viewing online. 
  • Making a change – a booklet for patients which offers practical advice about how to change their drinking habits. The printed version includes a drinks calculator.

Alcohol Brief Interventions: A&E professional pack - This resource has been developed for use by practitioners screening and delivering alcohol brief interventions in the A&E setting.

Alcohol Brief Interventions: Antenatal professional pack - This resource has been developed for use by practitioners screening and delivering alcohol brief interventions in the antenatal setting.

Alcohol and oral health: Understanding risk, raising awareness and giving advice - Briefing paper for members of the dental team which highlights the link between alcohol and oral health and provides guidance as to how the issue of alcohol can be raised with patients in a dental setting.

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Patient Resources

  • Cutting down your drinking: a step by step guide- This resource is aimed at those who are experiencing a range of adverse consequences as a result of their pattern of drinking and who will benefit from making changes to their current level of consumption. Individuals can work through the resource either on their own or with the support of a professional. The resource contains a 12-week drinks diary to record drinking patterns and a small pull-out pocket drinks diary is also attached which can be filled in for a further 6-weeks to facilitate long term behaviour change. The pocket diary is also available separately if further supplies are needed.
  • Alcofacts: A guide to responsible drinking- This booklet explains what you need to know about alcohol, and how, for those who choose to consume alcohol, to do so responsibly.
  • Survival Guide to Drinking (2012) - A guide for young people outlining how they can have a good night out without adverse consequences.
  • You, your child and alcohol (2011)(external website) - Scottish Government guide for parents with practical advice about how to talk to your child about alcohol.

Employer resources

Simple Guide: alcohol and drugs in the workplace
One of a series of booklets for employers to take action to prevent ill health and promote good health. This guide explains:

  • why having a alcohol and drugs policy in the workplace policy is useful
  • legal duties and obligations
  • the process of creating a policy and
  • key elements of a policy.

For more alcohol related publications please go to the resources page.

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Updated 22nd July 2014