Policy and guidelines

Here you will find information on the policy and guidelines that underpin NHS Health Scotland´s Alcohol Programme of work.

Changing Scotland’s Relationship with Alcohol: A Framework for Action, published in 2009, is the main reference point and policy context for all alcohol-related work in Scotland. The document offers a programme of action covering four broad areas: reduced alcohol consumption, supporting families and communities, enhancing positive attitudes and positive choices and improved treatment and support for those who need it.

The review of alcohol licensing in Scotland (2003) and the review of off-sales in the community (2004) informed the development of the Licensing (Scotland) Bill, which was ratified by the Scottish Parliament in November 2005 as the Licensing (Scotland) Act, 2005 (external link)
For the purposes of this Act, the licensing objectives are: preventing crime and disorder, securing public safety, preventing public nuisance, protecting and improving public health, and protecting children from harm. The new legislation will be implemented in 2008/09.

The Nicholson Committee undertook a Review of alcohol licensing in Scotland(external link) and reported on this in 2003. It recommended a number of new guiding principles for licensing including the promotion of public health. This work was complemented by a review of Off-sales in the Community (external link). Published in 2004, it set out a series of recommendations for more responsible off-sales provision.

CEL 01 (2012) Health Promoting Health Service: Action in Hospital Settings is the current policy driver for Health Promoting Health Service work.

This letter from the Chief Executive builds on the work of CEL 14 (2008) which asked all NHS Boards to implement specific promoting actions on smoking, alcohol, breastfeeding, food and health, and health at work. CEL 01 (2012) extends these original aspirations and range of actions to include sexual health and active travel. It also includes community hospitals in the settings targeted.

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Reviewed October 2013