Cervical Screening Toolkit

NHS Scottish Cervical Call Recall System (SCCRS)

The NHS Scottish Cervical Call Recall System (SCCRS) is the central IT system, implemented in May 2007, which supports the Scottish Cervical Screening Programme.


  • Offers a Scotland-wide database to support the Scottish Cervical Screening Programme
  • Collects information from Primary Care registries, GPs, laboratories and colposcopy clinics
  • Calls and recalls women for cervical screening
  • Issues results to smear takers and women

Tests taken from women not eligible for screening will not be processed by the laboratory. It's the responsibility of the smear taker to communicate why a woman will not receive a test result if this occurs. You should make sure you have contact names for your Health Board offices:

  • Screening coordinators
  • Local call and recall manager
  • Colposcopy
  • Cytology
  • Genitourinary medicine (GUM)

SCCRS has a website for professionals containing information with important links to the IT system used in NHS Scotland to support the cervical screening programme. Visit the SCCRS website.

In addition the site provides contact details for the cervical screening call recall office for NHS Boards areas and the SCCRS authorisers. There is also a link to a section for smear takers with important information for professionals.

Getting the best out of SCCRS

Reflection for your practice:

  • Do you have a named person responsible for overseeing SCCRS within the practice?
  • Are relevant practice staff trained in the use of SCCRS and confident that they know how to use the system effectively?
  • Is every member of the team using a separate password for the system?
  • Is there a system for checking and taking action on SCCRS alerts?
  • Do you have a list of non-attendees that is routinely checked and followed up?
  • Are you confident that all women who attend their appointment are checked on SCCRS to ensure they are eligible for screening before carrying out the test?
  • Do you have a system to review the recommended recall list, act upon it, and ensure that it accurately reflects each individual’s situation?
  • Do all smear takers audit their unsatisfactory rates and act upon consistently high rates?

The above are recommendations for your practice. If you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of these questions and wish to make changes to your practice, use the information within this toolkit or visit the SCCRS website for further support.

You can download the information in this section NHS Scottish Cervical Call Recall System (SCCRS) and you can also download the full Cervical Screening Toolkit.

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