Cervical Screening Toolkit

Information materials and assets

NHS Health Scotland produces information leaflets to allow women to make informed choices about cervical screening and follow up treatment if necessary. 

These are not made universally available, but instead issued to women at the appropriate time, either by post or by a healthcare professional. 

A smear test could save your life (Plain English Award 2016) is sent to women at their home address with an invitation letter. The leaflet provides information on the importance of smear tests, who they are for and what will happen at the smear test appointment. There is also an easy read version available for people with learning disabilities and alternative languages where English is not the first language. 

The leaflet Your smear test results is sent by post with all positive result letters and provides information about the results of the smear test, how they will be monitored and any treatment that may be needed. Easy read and alternative language versions are available.

The leaflet Your smear test after treatment is provided to women following cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) treatment and it explains what will happen after the treatment. Easy read and alternative language versions are available.

The cervical screening poster has been sent to all GP practices and other settings including sexual health clinics, pharmacies, community centres, leisure centres, libraries, further education establishments and A&E departments.   

Your local resources department can also access additional copies of the poster. You may wish to work with them and your local health promotion/health improvement team to explore how to reach women who aren't currently engaging (see section 2). Some additional distribution routes may include your local social work departments, community addiction teams, homelessness services, women’s aid and outreach centres, charities who work with the travelling community, smoking cessation support services, foodbanks and equality officers. 

As well as downloading the individual leaflets you can direct patients to NHS Inform where public information on the cervical screening programme is available.

To access printed copies of translated versions you can email NHS Health Scotland

Marketing Campaign February 2017

Resources to support the February 2017 "Flower" campaign are available at www.getcheckedearly.org/resources.

You can download the information in this section Provide advice and appropriate materials as standard and you can also download the full Cervical Screening Toolkit.

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