Cervical Screening Toolkit

Have a good understanding of the barriers to participation

Women’s risk of developing cervical cancer increases if they are or ever have been sexually active, or if they smoke. Another important risk is missing their cervical screening appointment.

In Scotland, uptake of cervical screening (smear tests) is on a downward trend, there are many reasons why uptake is decline, age, geography and ethnicity are just some of the key factors at a wider population level. Practical barriers including women unable to make appointment times or lack of transport. Or personal barriers, such as lack of knowledge or awareness of the purpose and benefits of the test, as well as fear and anxiety about the procedure itself, can also play a role in women’s uptake to cervical screening.

You can download the full document Have a good understanding of the barriers to participation. This document provides an overview of population groups, practical and personal barriers to help you understand the factors affecting engagement levels. You can also download the full Cervical Screening Toolkit.

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