Evidence briefings: Modernising Nursing in the Community programme

These briefings provide summaries of evidence of the effectiveness of public health interventions that relate to the role of public health nursing for children from preconception to 19 years.

This project, initiated in 2011 was specifically requested by the Children, Young People and Families subgroup of the Modernising Nursing in the Community Working Group.

The group was tasked with the development of a framework for public health nursing which will assist NHS Boards in the provision of high quality, sustainable public health nursing in the community which is fit for the 21st Century.

This project provides summaries of the “highly processed” evidence of the effectiveness of public health interventions that relate to the role of the Public Health Nursing in the provision of the Universal Pathway of support to parents, from:

  • preconception to 5 years
  • 6-12 years
  • 13-19 years (21 years if looked after and accommodated children/young people).

Most of the topics included in this project have been aligned with the activities included in the refreshed Health for all Children guidance (external link), setting out the way forward for the successful delivery of Health for All Children (Hall 4) in the early years.

The full list of evidence topics are included below. View the published evidence summaries on the Modernising Nursing in the Community website (external link).

  1. Maternal & infant nutrition
  2. Injury prevention
  3. Pregnancy & complex needs
  4. Smoking cessation
  5. Social/emotional well-being
  6. Attachment
  7. Asset-based approaches
  8. Weight Management in pregnancy
  9. Looked After Children &Young People
  10. Parenting
  11. Child poverty
  12. Substance Misuse (drugs)
  13. Substance Misuse (alcohol)
  14. Parenting interventions
  15. Sexual Health
  16. Physical Activity
  17. Play
  18. Primary immunisation
  19. Physical activity
  20. Dental health and
  21. Domestic abuse.

To date topics 1-10 have been published, with the remaining topics being completed during 2012/13 and during the next financial year 2013/14.

As a result of the web publication of the evidence summaries related to the listed topics, Early Years professionals and managers have improved access to the high quality evidence underpinning practice in relation to early years and inequalities. In the medium term, it is hoped that public health nurses share resources, knowledge, experience and evidence of good practice. Ultimately, it is hoped that this body of evidence will contribute to efforts to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for all children and families.

The group requesting these briefings was led by The Scottish Government and involving representation from NHS Health Scotland, The Scottish Government: Nursing Children, Vulnerable Families and Early Years, Head of Early Years Team, Child and Maternal Health Division and the Programme Director, NHS Education for Scotland.

Updated: 16/07/2014

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