Evaluation of Healthy Respect Phase 2

Healthy Respect was a Scottish Government-funded national health demonstration project hosted by NHS Lothian.

Healthy Respect was one of four projects outlined in the Government´s White Paper ´Towards a Healthier Scotland´ (1999).

The project was set up to look at ways of supporting young people to make positive choices about their sexual health and well-being.The demonstration project has now finished but elements have been mainstreamed are being taken forward by Healthy Respect Lothian (external link).

Phase 1 evaluation

This initial phase (2001 - 2004) was evaluated by the University of Aberdeen and the final summary report on phase one (external link).

Following an interim year for planning (2004), a further three years funding was provided, taking the work up to March 2008 (known as Phase 2).

During this phase and after 2008, appropriate elements of work and practice are to be made available for integration both locally and nationally.

Phase 2 evaluation

Phase 2 was evaluated by a consortium of researchers:

  • The Centre for Integrated Health Care Research at Napier University.
  • Scottish Centre for Social Research.
  • Dundee University.
  • MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit.

Reflecting the design of the Healthy Respect 2 programme, the research was divided into four parts:

  • assessing the effectiveness of Healthy Respect in achieving integrated and sustainable local delivery
  • assessing young people’s and parents experiences of Healthy Respect 2
  • assessing the effectiveness of Healthy Respect 2 on young people
  • linked studies to assess the long-term outcomes.

The interim report on phase two (2009) outlined the learning and early findings from the evaluation.
And the final report on the Evaluation of Healthy Respect Phase Two (March 2010) is now available.

Further information

Find more information on the evaluation in ´A Summary of the Evaluation of Healthy Respect in Phase 2´ (2007)


If you would like further information about the Evaluation of Healthy Respect, please contact Clare Beeston at clare.beeston@nhs.net
NHS Health Scotland
Tel: 0141 354 2900

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Updated 25 July 2014

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