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Introducing tobacco: risks laws and habits
Classroom Video, Australia.(2007)  Stowmarket: Boulton-Hawker Films Ltd. 
Running time: 21 min
Suitable for young people aged 13-plus
This DVD examines the effects of tobacco smoking and why young people smoke

Tobacco and death: perfect together
Human Relations Media (US) (2007). Stowmarket: Boulton-Hawker Films.
Running time: 27 min
Suitable for young people aged 13-plus
This film uses graphic images to show the dangers of smoking as well as interviewing smokers who are ill.  Young smokers are however encouraged to stop to allow the body to reverse the damage.

If I’m lyin’…I’m dyin’: a story about smoking.
Disney Educational Productions (2006). Bristol: Viewtech.
Running time: 17 min
Suitable for young people aged 9-13
In this film the main character tries to persuade his friends that smoking is cool.  However they just do not believe him.  The film teaches young people about the dangers of smoking,  how to resist the pressure to smoke from friends  and  to doubt the messages given out by the smoking  industry.

'Kick it' smoking.
London Bus Theatre Company (2005).  London: London Bus Theatre Company.
Running time: 5 min
Suitable for young people aged 7-14
The film puts out a strong anti-smoking message. It explains what is in a cigarette, the effect on sport’s performance, the cost of buying cigarettes and the danger of peer persuasion.   

Not fatal butt…the effects of just one cigarette
Trikojus, Tom (2000). Victoria: Video Education Australasia.
Running time: 17 min
Suitable for young people aged 11+
This film shows the dramatic effect on the body of just one cigarette. Tests to check blood pressure, circulation, tension, lung function, and carbon monoxide levels were tested before and after

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