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Alco sex: right choices right reasons
Kirklees Council. (2010) Huddersfield: Kirklees Council
Running time: 20 min
Suitable for young people aged 14-18
This film features the stories of three young people dealing with the outcome of their choices.  One a college student is pregnant and the other two now regret the night of the party.

Tell me more: a sex and relationship education teaching resource for young people in key stage 3 and 4
Catcher Media. (2010) Catcher Media,
Running time: 25 min
Suitable for young people aged 11 – 15
The topics covered in the drama are puberty, relationships, sexual intercourse, emotional health and wellbeing and sexual health

Sex and ethics: 4 films 
Joe Jenkins (2009) Ethics Online
Running time: 89 min (total)
Suitable for young people aged 15+
There are four films lasting about 20 minutes each on sexual ethics and theories.  Teachers' notes, scripts & classroom activities are available

Understanding HIV and AIDS.
Human Relations Media (USA) (2007). Stowmarket: Boulton-Hawker Films.
Running time: 17 min
Suitable for young people aged 11-14
Covers the following issues: HIV basics; HIV transmission; protection from HIV; treatment; getting tested; and making healthy choices.

Get your head round it! Sexual health and relationships.
PBC (2007). Huddersfield: PBC. 
Running time: 30 min
Suitable for young people aged 13-19
Short films and lesson plans around sexual health and relationships (SRE) issues including contraception, accessing services and attitudes to sexual health and parenting

You, your body and puberty
Human Relations Media (2007).  Stowmarket: Boulton-Hawker Films Ltd
Running time: 24 min
Suitable for young people aged 11-14
The DVD covers the changes that happen during puberty to include biological, physiological and emotional changes

Family Planning Association (2006).   London: Family Planning Association.
Suitable for parent or carers
Speakeasy is a training programme that helps parents talk to their children about sex, relationships and growing up

All about us: living and growing.
Channel 4 (2006).   Birmingham: Television Junction. 
Running time: 45 mins
Suitable for children aged 5-11
Living and growing was developed by Channel 4 in response to requests from teachers and heads for a resource that promoted sex and relationships education as a developmental process.  Please note: These programmes address sensitive issues

Sex and relationships.
Channel 4 (2006).  London: 4Ventures Ltd. 
Running time:  8x25 min. 1x30 min
Suitable for young people aged 11-19 years
Contains four sections:  In my experience; Growing up gay; More than love; and Sex, love and video diaries.

Sexually transmitted infections: what we can’t see
Classroom Video, Australia (2006).   Stowmarket: Boulton-Hawker Films
Running time: 29 min
Suitable for young people aged 14+
The film provides information about sexually transmitted infections, the risks of contracting STIs, how to prevent getting STIs though safer sex and how to seek treatment.  This information is given via two contrasting stories.

What’s happening to me?
Consolidated Productions (2006).  Bristol: Viewtech.
Running time: 28 min
Suitable for young people aged 9-13
This animated film shows the changes to boys and girls during puberty

Love bites.
Wright, Steve (2005).
Huddersfield: The Wright Stuff Theatre of Puppets
Running Time: 40 min
Suitable for young people aged 13 years and over

Life stuff:  the A-Z of love and sex.  
Channel 4 (2004). Brighton: Lambent Productions. 
Running time: 6 x 25 min
Suitable for young people aged 14-19
This film uses the alphabet to ask and answer questions about love and sex.
The information comes from well-known experts as well as adolescents themselves. With the information  adolescents will be able to make informed decisions about their personal lives.  

Health protection and informed decision making
Video Education Australasia.  (2003)  Stowmarket: Boulton-Hawker Films Ltd.
Running time: 30 min
Suitable for young people aged 14+
This film looks at a number of topics relating to sexual activity in relationships. Topics include: what is sex? contraception, sexually transmitted infections, myths, alternatives to intercourse, peer pressure

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