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Attachment relationships: Nurturing healthy bonds.
Boulton-Hawker Films. (2010). Suffolk: Boulton-Hawker Films. 
Running time: 29 min.
Suitable for adults and caregivers

Parenting education: parenting stories, borrow a baby 
Channel 4 (2009) Weatherby: Channel 4 Learning.
Running time: 3 x 25 min, 1 x 50 min
Suitable for young people aged 14-19
This film can be used to show what parenthood is really like.  The first film – Parenting Stories tells the stories of new parents and their babies. It is divided into 3 sections 1. Birth days, 2.Toddler times, 3 Forever.  The second film – Borrow a baby is a documentary where 3 teenagers are each given a real baby to look after for the weekend while anxious parents watch via CCTV monitors.  

Teenagers in the family: skills for parents.
Coleman, John (2006).  London: Dawson Films.
Running time: 45 min
Suitable for parents of teenagers
This film has been designed to help parents understand adolescent behaviour and development.  The six main topics are 1. Understanding teenagers, 2. Problems at school, 3.Unsuitable friends, 4.Talking about sex, 5.Staying safe, 6.Changing families

Four carrier bags and a buggy.
Red Rose Chain (1998).  Ipswich: Red Rose Chain.
Running time: 30 min.
Suitable for young people aged 14+
This film shows what it is like to be a young parent.  It has 6 parts.
1. Having a baby, 2.Coping, 3.The cost of living, 4.Relationships, 5. Depression, 6.Looking forward

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