Planning for outcomes

We offer three main tools to assist local partnerships in planning for actions to address inequalities in a local area. An overview of these Planning Tools is available to view. 

Health inequalities Policy Review

A review for the Ministerial Task Force on Health Inequalities that includes a review of the main drivers of health inequalities, evidence on effective actions and recommendations for future strategy. Published in March 2014.

Contact: Clare Beeston, Principal Public Health Adviser (

Health Inequalities Action Framework

Given an understanding of the needs of your local population, this framework can be used to consider how the actions, services and resources in a local area might be re-aligned to help address health inequalities and how progress might be monitored.

Contact: Pauline Craig, Head of Equality (

Health Inequalities Impact Assessment

This offers a systematic process for assessing what is the potential impact of your existing programmes and services on different groups, informed by expert opinion and other sources of evidence. (Please note that this not a process for assessing the actual impacts, rather for predicting potential impacts, informed by expert opinion and other sources of evidence).

Contact: Katy Hetherington, Programme Manager, Knowledge and Resources (

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