Responding to individual and family needs

NHS Health Scotland- Early Years Resources

The NHS Health Scotland early years resources provide access to information and resources which will be relevant for early years professionals across all sectors. Some examples are evidence briefings, the newly launched income maximisation resource and information about our networks

Maternal and Early Years website 

Contact: Ali MacDonald, Health Improvement Programme Manager (

NHS Health Scotland- Dementia resources

In partnership with Alzheimer Scotland, Health Scotland has produced a range of free dementia resources. These free resources aim to support people with dementia, their carers and people working in the field of dementia.

Contact: Fiona Borrowman, Health Improvement Progamme Manager (

Reducing teenage pregnancy: Guidance and self-assessment tool briefing paper

The 'Reducing teenage pregnancy: Guidance and self-assessment tool' briefing paper has been developed by NHS Health Scotland in order to support the implementation of the reducing teenage pregnancy on a national level. This briefing paper, along with the original self-assessment tool, will be relevant across local partnerships in effectively addressing teenage pregnancy. It has also been produced to ensure recognition that the toolkit has relevance to employability partnerships, housing and homelessness planning, wider community plans and to specify agreed single outcome agreements.

It is an effective guide for planning and in identifying useful areas of focus in order to improve the effectiveness of local action. It encourages local leadership on assessing need, effective targeting populations of concern, monitoring progress in partnership, and harnessing local data and evidence. Local examples of specific action on indicators in the toolkit and progress in Scotland also provide useful illustrations where a local priority has been identified and met.

Reducing teenage pregnancy: Guidance and self-assessment tool

The reducing teenage pregnancy guidance and self-assessment tool aims to bring together the range of current evidence and advice on the partnerships, strategies and interventions that need to be in place locally if teenage pregnancy rates are to be reduced and the reduction maintained in the long term.

Guidance about Effective Interventions to Support Parents, Their Infants and Children in the Early Years.

This DVD has been produced by NHS Health Scotland and is intended for Community Planning Partnerships to use as a stand-alone learning tool to support the design and delivery of Early Years services.

The DVD is introduced by Aileen Campbell, the Minister for Children and Young People from the Scottish Government, and describes effective interventions within services that have been specifically designed to respond to the needs of vulnerable children and their families.

To enable easy access to specific areas of interest, it has been divided into chapters and includes contributions from:

  • Dr Kate Woodman, Public Health Adviser – Early Years,

NHS Health Scotland

  • Dr Eileen Scott, Public Health Adviser – Children, Families and Communities, NHS Health Scotland
  • John Froggatt, Deputy Director, Child and Maternal Health Division, Scottish Government
  • SallyAnn Kelly, Senior Manager, Barnardo’s; A member of the

Early Years Taskforce

If you have any comments or would like a copy of the DVD, please contact the Early Years team by email or if you require further information on the evidence please visit the Early Years interventions section or the Scottish Government website for more details. 

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