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NHS Health Scotland undertakes a variety of food and health work including supporting policy development.

We also support the Healthier Scotland Cooking Bus and Scottish Grocers Federation Healthy Living Programme, while Community Food and Health (Scotland) (CFHS) and the healthyliving award are also now part of NHS Health Scotland. 

For more information on food and health background and policy, online guidance is available. 


CFHS supports low income communities that are tackling health inequalities and social exclusion – all through the medium of food.

Its core aim is to ensure that everyone in Scotland has access a healthy, affordable and acceptable diet for themselves, their families and their communities.

It helps achieve this by making sure that low income communities work alongside planners and policy makers to inform policy development and delivery.

Opportunities are provided to improve engagement, build capacity, develop practice, extend reach and understand impact, all driven by the current economic, policy and organisational landscape.

healthyliving award

The healthyliving award is a national award for the foodservice sector in Scotland. Eating out plays an important and increasing part in people’s lives and what people are increasingly looking for is good, healthier food. 

It has long been recognised that caterers can play an important role in influencing what their customers eat, and it's important to recognise and reward those who are making it easier for their customers to eat more healthily - the healthyliving award aims to achieve this.

The main aim of the award is to work with the catering sector in Scotland to encourage changes to catering practices and ingredients. Ultimately, this will make it easier for us all to eat healthier food when eating out.

The award criteria are based on the general principles of a healthy balanced diet and have been developed to be in keeping with Scottish dietary targets.

The Food and Health Alliance

The Food and Health Alliance is managed by NHS Health Scotland and supported by the Scottish Government and Food Standards Agency in Scotland.

The Alliance is a professional network for everyone in Scotland with an interest in food and health. It represents the range of stakeholders involved in implementing a multi-sector, food-chain based food and health strategy.

Membership includes a broad range of sectors such as national and local government, NHS health boards and Community Healthcare Partnerships, community planning, voluntary and community organisations, national governance organisations, research and academia, media, local enterprise companies and all food-chain organisations.

What are the aims of the Food and Health Alliance?

The Food and Health Alliance aims to support the implementation of national food and health policy in Scotland. This will be achieved by:

  • providing opportunities for discussion and debate
  • sharing food and health evidence and information
  • finding out about government policy, networking events and training.

Page updated October 31 2014

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