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Advancing equality in health

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Find out about NHS Health Scotland’s role in advancing equality, how protected characteristics can affect health and about policy and legislation.

Our vision

NHS Health Scotland is a national health board and the national agency for health improvement.

Our vision is a Scotland in which all of our people and communities have a fairer share of the opportunities, resources and the confidence to live longer, healthier lives. Our aim is to improve Scotland’s overall health record by focusing on the persistent inequalities that prevent health being improved for all.

Advancing equality is fundamental to NHS Health Scotland’s mission. It is also our legal duty. The Equality Act 2010 (external link) protects characteristics which can make people vulnerable to being discriminated against and experiencing worse health.

NHS Health Scotland’s Equality team’s role is to work towards greater equality in policy, planning and practice across NHS Scotland. NHS Health Scotland also has a role to make sure that it is advancing equality and tackling unlawful discrimination in all its functions.

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Our work programmes

Our work for 2013-14 is organised under four themes:

Health Inequaltities Impact Assessment
Project Manager: Debbie Sigerson

Gender-based violence and health
Programme Manager: Katie Cosgrove

Equality outcomes
Programme Manager: Liz Curran

Person-centred enquiry
Programme Manager: Sarah McCullough

All these areas of work are underpinned by Knowledge into Action approaches, which is supported by the Equality team's Knowledge into Action (KIA) Framework and Improvement Plan.

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