Health issues

Family of different generations

The health of older people

The Age Scotland report At Home with Scotland’s Older People (2011) highlights some of the challenges faced by older people, including issues related to health and social care.

The Scottish Health Survey: Older People’s Health Topic Report (2011) also provides detailed evidence on a number of the health issues facing older people in Scotland.

The Scottish Public Health Observatory’s webpages include key issues facing older people  in Scotland.   

The 2010 report of the National Equality Panel shows how economic inequalities cumulate throughout life, reinforced by unequal pay, limited opportunities and systematic discrimination, generating very different resources in retirement and inequalities in health and mortality in later life.

For more information, see our pages on healthy ageing

According to Alzheimer Scotland, approximately 90,000 people in Scotland have dementia in 2015. Dementia is more common among older people, but can also affect younger people, even (very rarely) those in their 30s. Some forms of dementia (such as fronto-temporal dementias, and alcohol-related dementias) are more likely to affect those who are younger.

The health of children and young people

The health of children and young people remains a key concern and in Scotland this is closely linked to poverty. An NHS Health Scotland briefing on child poverty (2013) provides further information on child poverty and its relationship to health and wellbeing.

The Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey (SALSUS) provides information on prevalence of smoking, drinking and drug use; frequency of substance misuse; sources and availability of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs and pupils' attitudes to substance misuse. It also provides information on family circumstances, parental knowledge and monitoring of children's activities; and attitudes to school, leisure activities, personal wealth and health.

Walk the Talk is the national initiative on promoting youth-friendly health services in Scotland which sets out:

  • a range of information about young people
  • issues affecting them, and
  • barriers to service take-up.

The Scottish Public Health Observatory’s webpages include key issues facing children and young people in Scotland and an epidemiology briefing on youth health in Scotland.

For more information, see our pages on early years and youth health.

Updated April 2015

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